Woman Shares Job Offer Pic on Facebook, Gets Over 8K Likes

Woman Shares Job Offer Pic on Facebook, Gets Over 8K Likes

By: Daniel Steingold | August 10, 2016

A Facebook picture album that centers around a woman accepting a job offer has gone viral.

Benita Abraham, a 37-year-old from Long Beach, California, posted a number of pictures to Facebook relating to her job offer and acceptance, expecting about 300 likes from her 1,000 friends on the site.

Within 48 hours, however, she had received more than 8,400 likes and 10,000 shares, while also getting national news coverage.

The most prominent picture in the album shows Abraham laying on the beach and wearing a red shirt, smiling ear-to-ear. In her right hand is a sign that says “I said YES” with hearts adorning the bottom. Leaning on her left shoulder is the actual job offer itself.

Abraham had a number of other pictures taken involving the offer, including one where she is peeking beneath sheets at the document. In each picture, Abraham wears a shirt of a different color.

Abraham was in the job market due to having been laid off from her previous employer— a healthcare IT company— in December of last year. After losing her job, she travelled to India, before restarting her job hunt in February.

She applied to between 200 and 300 jobs since February, but didn’t find the perfect fit until now. Abraham had been hoping that the job she received “would be the one.”

Now it’s just a question as to if she will “still feel the same way in three months, six months or 12 months, when the honeymoon is over?” as was wondered by a representative at the company at which she was hired.

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