Banker Turned Author Shares Tips on Changing Careers

Banker Turned Author Shares Tips on Changing Careers

By: Daniel Steingold | August 10, 2016

Alice Adams, a London-based novelist who once worked as an asset manager in the banking world, recently shared some advice with CNBC as to how change careers.

Adams, who always loved literature and wanted to have a book to her name, decided to take a break from finance in 2010, enrolling in a year long master’s program at the University of Manchester in creative writing.

Fully expecting to return to banking, she now has a published novel. In the meantime, she has turned down three offers from major banks.

Here are some key points from her interview:

  • If you decide to take on a new endeavor where the pay is less or uncertain, make sure you have saved and planned. As Adams says, “If you structure your life to be reliant on continuing to earn the same money, you’re wearing handcuffs.”
  • Discipline is important when shifting careers, particularly if you’re working for yourself. Adams would make sure she wouldn’t get up and stop writing until she hit a certain word count.
  • Never be afraid to ask for what you want on the job. You may not get it, but at least everyone will be on the same page, and you will have tried.
  • Be able to articulate what you’re aiming for. Being able to define what you want will help you with reaching your goal.
  • Clear communication translates into success in both one’s general lifestyle and the workplace

While Adams is from the UK and decided to apply these strategies to her writing career, they can clearly be applied to many, if not most, professions.

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