Dunkin Donuts Worker Fired for Giving Teens Poisoned Donuts

Dunkin Donuts Worker Fired for Giving Teens Poisoned Donuts

By: Daniel Steingold | July 29, 2016

An employee at a Dunkin Donuts franchise in Virginia has been fired for spraying some donuts with a bleach solution before giving them away for free to teenagers.

The Dunkin Donuts employee had previously given the same teenagers free donuts at the end of the day, as they would have otherwise been thrown out.

This past Monday, however, he told the group of teenagers they would have to come back later in the day if they wanted the pastries.

When the teenagers ended up returning to the store later in the day, they could tell that the donuts had been tampered with, prompting them to call the police to the store.

An criminal investigation that is still ongoing was launched, and motives are still being examined.

Luckily, none of the teenagers in question have required medical attention. The teens ate “anything from one bite to a whole donut,” according to the police.

Dunkin Donuts, in a corporate statement, acknowledged the incident, saying that at its restaurants, “the safety and well-being of customers is a top priority and we have stringent food safety standards for all restaurants.”

They also mentioned that while the franchise owner “is fully cooperating with the local authorities… it is inappropriate for us to comment further and, as such, any additional questions can be directed to the police department.”

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