Iowan Government Employee Let Go Due to Racist Facebook Post

Iowan Government Employee Let Go Due to Racist Facebook Post

By: Daniel Steingold | July 27, 2016

A criminologist for the Iowa Department of Public Safety (DPS) has been let go for a controversial post she made on social media.

Amy Pollpeter posted an inflammatory diatribe on Facebook on July 8 about a variety of hot button topics, including her feelings about Black Lives Matter and the how police are perceived in America, ending her post with the hashtag “#COPSLIVESMATTER” in all caps.

One of the many divisive things she expressed was that because of recent current events, she no longer felt safe around black people.

It was announced on Wednesday that Pollpeter is no employed by the DPS’ Division of Criminal Investigation, as she violated their social media and general conduct policies. Since July 12, Pollpeter had been on administrative leave.

Gary Licht, one of her supervisors, distanced himself from Pollpeter, saying, “What we’re talking about was made public on Facebook. They’re offensive and they do not reflect my thoughts or actions.”

Pollpeter had worked with the state for about 10 years, and made a salary of $85,000 a year. In addition to being a criminologist, Pollpeter's website says that she is also a public speaker and author.

Shortly prior to her public Facebook post, Pollpeter posted similar sentiments to what got her fired in the form of a comment on the Facebook page of a local TV station. The comment has since been removed from the TV station’s page.

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