Starbucks Releases More Lenient Dress Code for Baristas

Starbucks Releases More Lenient Dress Code for Baristas

By: Daniel Steingold | July 25, 2016

On Monday, Starbucks announced that it is changing its employee dress code to allow for more “self-expression.”

The coffee chain’s major changes include:

  • Allowing employees to wear gray, navy, dark denim, and brown shirt colors, in either solid or patterned designs (previously, only solid black and white shirts were permissible)
  • Allowing employees to wear shorts, skirts, dresses, and pants, including dark wash jeans
  • Permitting employees to dye their hair, as long as the color doesn’t change too frequently
  • Allowing employees to wear certain types of hats, including beanies and fedoras

As for what will stay the same, Starbucks baristas will continue to wear the iconic green or black aprons for which the chain has become famous.

It should be mentioned that certain Starbucks locations had experimented with the new dress code prior to the implementation at all locations.

In order to clarify what is appropriate and inappropriate for the workplace, Starbucks released a 15-page lookbook.

Beyond what has been mentioned, employees will also be allowed to wear ties, provided that they are not in “neon, white, loud, or in distracting patterns.”

No visible logos can be on undergarments, although Starbucks promotional attire can be worn.

Lastly, sweatshirts, hooded shirts, cap-sleeve, and short sleeve shirts can be worn by all employees.

Some have argued that the new dress code emphasizes not only what kind of workplace Starbucks is trying to promote, but the vibe it is trying to create for customers.

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