Taco Bell Employee in Alabama Fired for Not Serving Police

Taco Bell Employee in Alabama Fired for Not Serving Police

By: Daniel Steingold | July 19, 2016

A Taco Bell employee at a franchise in Alabama was fired on Monday for refusing to serve law enforcement.

Two sheriff’s deputies went to a Taco Bell located in Phenix City, AL on Saturday, upon which they were told by the cashier that they would not be served.

Initially taking it as a joke, the cashier would reiterate to the deputies that they would not be able to order.

One of the deputies recalled the cashier saying, “‘No, I’m not kidding. We’re not going to serve you, and you need to leave.’”

The officers complied, as perplexed as they were.

Upon hearing about the incident, Tacala Companies, the location’s franchise owner, stated that they absolutely do not feel as if the former employee’s actions are representative of the location’s views.

Tacala Companies said in a statement, “In no way [do we] endorse this sentiment. We are deeply appreciative of the men and women who have taken the oath to serve and protect our communities. We have launched an investigation into this matter and will be reaching out directly.”

A corporate investigation confirmed that the employee in question was no longer employed.

Some of the surrounding community has decided to boycott Phenix City’s Taco Bell, but local law enforcement emphasized how the only offender was the employee fired.

Tacala Companies would later apologize to the Phenix City sheriffs for their former employee’s misconduct.

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