JP Morgan Chase Allows All Employees to Wear Business-Casual

By: Daniel Steingold | June 03, 2016

As times change, dress codes change. Many positions have historically required their employees to abide by certain rules in terms of appearance: dress shirt, tie, closed-toe shoes, slacks, no visible tattoos, etc.

The workplace has changed significantly, however.

As proof of such, half of respondents in a recent NPD Group study found that half of workers wear the same clothing both on and off the job. In addition, many of the world’s most influential individuals, particularly in tech, have made informal attire such as the hoodie in vogue.

While JP Morgan Chase isn’t going that far, they are making significant changes in what is considered appropriate attire for their employees.

JP Morgan has long allowed business-casual attire for certain employees, but they are now extending it to all employees companywide. This includes the ability to wear dress sandals, and polos or sweatshirts containing the Chase logo.

What it does not provide for is the ability to wear any casual streetwear, such as yoga pants, jeans, tennis shoes, or hats of any kind. Chase published a list of acceptable and unacceptable attire within an FAQ accompanying their memo.

Many are surprised by JP Morgan’s move as it bucks tradition. Will other banks and financial institutions follow suit? It will be a story to follow.

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