Women Wearing Revealing Clothing 19X More Likely to Get Job

Women Wearing Revealing Clothing 19X More Likely to Get Job

By: Daniel Steingold | June 28, 2016

A new French study has found that if a woman wears a low-cut top in a job application photo, they are 19 times more likely to secure a job interview.

The study was conducted for positions in sales and accounting in the Paris region.

For methodology, two women similar in appearance and with nearly equivalent skills and experience were used to apply to 200 jobs each. Each woman applied to 100 jobs in both round neck and low-cut clothing, which helped ensure that each woman got a fair shot.

It was found that in the sales role positions applied for, the woman wearing the low-cut top got 62 more interview offers than the woman who wasn’t dressed provocatively.

For the accounting positions, there were even more interview offers for the woman who was dressed more revealingly: 68.

The study’s lead researcher, Dr. Sevag Kertechian of Paris-Sarbonne University, has said that the study’s results are not only somewhat shocking, but that they warrant further study and investigation.

He expects to present these findings and others at the Appearance Matters Conference, the world’s largest event of body image and disfigurement, being held in the UK next week.

In addition to Kertechian, there will be speakers from experts on weight loss surgery, eating disorders, and other issues.

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