NASA Publishes Recruitment Posters for Jobs on Mars

By: Daniel Steingold | June 16, 2016

NASA has released a series of artistic recruitment posters for prospective jobs on Mars, which include positions for farmers, surveyors, teachers, engineers, and construction workers.

Although it may seem a bit premature to promote employment on another planet, NASA first commissioned the posters in 2009 for an exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex.

These posters highlighting what a future could be like on the Red Planet and elsewhere are just a few of many that NASA has designed.

For example, NASA released posters on space tourism earlier this year. They are likewise colorful and well-rendered, showing a future that many could only imagine.

Although many serious expeditions have been proposed in recent years, by both governmental and commercial entities, it is believed to still be awhile before humans actually colonize Mars.

NASA, for their part, released a three-part plan titled “Journey to Mars” in 2015. They don’t expect to have people visiting and living on the planet until at least 2030.

It should be noted that while Mars is perhaps the most habitable planet for humans, it still differs in many regards from Earth. In specific, they different in size, temperature, and atmosphere. The geologic features of both planets are rather similar, however, which has led to belief that humans could live on the planet.

Ultimately, jobs on Mars aren’t necessarily ones that have to be a lot different from the ones on Earth.

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