Former Trump University Employees Unleash their Criticism

By: Daniel Steingold | June 01, 2016

Trump University, Donald Trump’s abolished for-profit real estate training program, has been under a lot of heat in the media over the last few months, largely because of lawsuits that allege that the program took advantage of its students.

Some new sworn statements provided by former employees of Trump University do much to back up this notion.

One former employee who briefly served in the role of event manager in 2007, emphasized how Trump University only cared about getting students to sign up for the next seminar or program at any expense, using high-pressure sales tactics to achieve their aims.

Another employee, a sales manager, mentioned how he left the company because he felt like it was engaging in “misleading, fraudulent, and dishonest conduct.” He shared the anecdote of how he was reprimanded by Trump University for not further pushing a couple to use the husband’s disability income and a home equity loan to fund their tuition at Trump University, which would have amounted to $35,000.

In addition, Trump claimed his instructors were “hand-picked”; this was impugned by the aforementioned sales manager, in addition to the idea that most students were satisfied with the instruction they received.

Trump has defended his erstwhile institution, claiming he has not settled in court because he feels like he’ll win. Sworn statements from some other former employees suggest that thousands of students received full refunds, while 97 percent of students gave Trump University high marks.

With election season in full swing, expect Trump University to continue to be brought up.

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