How Work Has Changed

By: Daniel Steingold | May 09, 2016

The workplace has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Although many prognosticators misgauged how the current workplace would be, it is still much different than the workplace of your parents or grandparents.

Here a few ways in which the job landscape and economy have changed:

  • Fatal work injuries have fallen by the thousands, despite a much bigger workforce.
  • Individuals are less likely to relocate for a job than they were before. It is believed that remote work and the expansion of sectors nationwide have contributed to this trend.
  • Computers have made us both more and less productive. They have allowed for the ease of correspondence, but also led to a tangible increase in distraction.
  • The need for meaning within work performed has increased. Beyond pay, people look for a job that satisfies a sense of purpose.
  • We are working fewer hours on average than generations before us.
  • Our workplaces are increasingly becoming places of comfort. Expect future workplaces to allow for even further flexibility when it comes to hours and remote work and family leave. Also, expect more accommodations on site, such as comfortable chairs and abundant snacks.
  • The use of off-site activities to promote team building is expected from many millennials. The gray area between collaboration and socializing is expected to become even further blurred.

Have you noticed any of these developments in your current position, or in any past positions? Let us know!

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