Best and Worst Jobs to Have on Mother's Day

By: Daniel Steingold | May 06, 2016

Mother’s Day is the third biggest holiday in the United States in terms of money spent on gifts. It is a holiday progressively growing in popularity, and why not? Our mothers nurture us from the fetus through adulthood.

Unfortunately, many individuals find themselves working on Mother’s Day. With this being said, not all jobs are equal when it comes to Mother’s Day. Here are three of the best and worst jobs to have relating to Mother’s Day.

Three Worst Jobs

  • Florist: It’s tough being a florist on Mother’s Day, as it’s one of the three flower heavy holidays— the other two are Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Further impacting florists is the fact that not all are open, causing the ones that are to be super busy.
  • Retail: As aforementioned, Mother’s Day is a huge gift-giving holiday. Most of these gifts will be purchased from stores, and like flower shops, not all retail stores are open.
  • Restaurant Workers: As is becoming a common theme, restaurants that are open on Mother’s Day see a high number of patrons. The fact that the whole family will probably be present only makes restaurant workers’ jobs harder.

Three Best Jobs

  • Mailman: Although it could be argued that the mailman has a bad job during Mother’s Day, many mailmen have the luxury of being able to not only see the family in a relaxed setting, but seeing the joy of a mother or their family. The mail is something everyone is looking forward to.
  • Restaurant Owner/Manager: A restaurant owner or manager is a great position to be in during Mother’s Day, simply because you get a lot of business, and end up reaping the rewards.
  • Card maker: Being a card maker comes with its perks, especially during a holiday that allows for creativity, like Mother’s Day. There’s nothing better than knowing you brought a smile to a mother’s face.

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