Tech Jobs in Demand

By: Daniel Steingold | May 05, 2016

At present, the American job market is in a peculiar state. Figures show that there are 8 million Americans out of work, despite there being 5.4 million job openings. Quite simply, why aren’t unemployed individuals filling these vacant positions?

The answer is rather simple: they don’t have the requisite skills. Most vacant jobs in demand are in tech— think any kind of coding, cloud computing, network security, mobile development, and much more.

These jobs almost unanimously require analytical skills and a relatively high intelligence, along with being detail-oriented. They also take time and motivation to learn, two qualities that deter many potential tech professionals.

According to CNN, almost each and every of the top 25 careers in demand in America from the perspective of employers heavily involve technology or data. Furthermore, it is rare to find mid-to large-sized companies that have no need for an statistics or analytics-driven employee.

Terry McAuliffe, the Governor of Virginia, has gone on record to say that his state has 30,000 tech jobs open, mostly in cybersecurity.

If you have no desire to work in coding or related fields, however, not all is doom and gloom. Temp jobs are growing fast, and they often allow one to try work in different fields in order to see what suits them best.

Many temporary jobs pay decently. Popular temp jobs include nursing assistants and team assemblers.

Whatever career you end up choosing, know two things. First, the job market is changing. This brings up the second point: you will need to invest in your future, constantly enhancing your marketable skills.

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