Careers Experiencing Job Loss

By: Daniel Steingold | May 05, 2016

With the fast pace of technology, there are a number of jobs that are losing their workforce numbers— and quickly at that. Here are some of those careers:


With not only streaming music services— Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, etc.— but satellite radio becoming ubiquitous, traditional radio disk jockeys aren’t quite as in need. This career is expected to shed 11% of its positions by 2024.

Meter Readers

Meter readers are likewise expected to drop in number by 2024, in large part because old electricity and water usage meters are being replaced by ones of an automated variety. A full 15% of meter readers are expected to lose their positions.

Mail Carriers

Mail carriers are expected to be hit very hard by the influx of handling bills and correspondence online. By 2024, 28% of mail carriers are expected to be out of work, which amounts to about 136,000 positions.

Newspaper Reporters

As with mail carriers, technology has largely destroyed the career prospects of many newspaper reporters. In 2003, newspapers made about $45 billion in print ad revenue. Today, that figure has dropped to about $16 billion.

Thus, reporters are expected to experience a nine percent shed in employment by 2024.

Other Positions

Positions as wide-ranging as sewing machine operators to semiconductor technicians are expected to experience large job loss, due to automated processes being more effective and efficient.

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