Case Study of Ruby Tuesday's Increased Employee Engagement

By: Daniel Steingold | May 19, 2016

There was a time during which a third of all job applicants to the chain restaurant Ruby Tuesday were not completing the application process. Considering where the corporation is now, it may come as a surprise that this was only two years ago.

What Ruby Tuesday did to improve their quantity and quality of applicants was thoroughly self-examine themselves. Human resources evaluated and impugned every step of the hiring and application process; this included manually going through the process as a department from the perspective of an applicant.

Another improvement to the application process was allowing applicants to use their phones instead of requiring the use of a computer or paper application. Convenience and the optimization of the process for potential employees came to convey a certain message from the firm’s perspective.

Ruby Tuesday started before the digital age, but they have come to fully adopt technology, streamlining and harmonizing their HR and marketing efforts through solutions such as cloud computing.

For employees in specific, they have made the effort to provide either in-person or computer training, while promoting from within. Both job candidates and employees receive consistent feedback on how Ruby Tuesday perceives them and what their intentions are.

As a firm, Ruby Tuesday has begun to look at its employees through the lens of human capital management, or HCM. This philosophy essentially looks at human as being resources into which investment pays dividends.

Making Ruby Tuesday employee-centric has allowed for a better corporation as a whole. While exact figures are not available, Ruby Tuesday has seen a significant decrease in the number of employees who do not complete the application process.

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