Your People Professionals

Your People Professionals

Human Resources Santa Maria, California Public Corporation

Our Company

YPP was formed in 1984 and is owned by Sandra Dickerson and Cindy McKellar who were key managers within YPP for ten years prior to buying the business in 1997. Over the years YPP has worked with hundreds of businesses and managed thousands of employees for California Employers. This experience creates a wealth of tribal knowledge about the human resource issues that are unique to California Employers. YPP brings that diverse knowledge base to our clients to help them solve the organization problems of today and tomorrow.

Skills We're Looking For

Microsoft Excel Microsoft Word Biopharmaceutical Clinical Research Clerical Computer Human Resources Mail Proofreading Voice Word Processing Fax Data Collection Medical Terminology Laboratory Information System (LIS) Clinical Business Development Lead Generation Sales Biology Biotechnology Medical Device Business Biochemistry Data Entry Database Management Microsoft Access Terminology Environmental science Administrative Tasks Agricultural Engineering