Wealthfront is the future of investing.

Financial Services Redwood City, California Private Corporation

Our Company

Wealthfront is the future of investing. We are focused on taking services typically reserved for the ultra-wealthy, automating them and delivering them directly to the investors at an incredibly low cost. Wealthfront is free for accounts under $10,000 and just one quarter of one percent after that. We offer investors a customized globally diversified portfolio of index funds, and we monitor your account daily to make sure that all the little things you should be doing with your money, like rebalancing, reinvesting dividends & harvesting tax losses, are taken care of on your behalf. In just three short years, Wealthfront has rolled out the features and services that now define a new category that we call 'automated investment services.' We now have clients in all 50 states who trust us with over $3 billion in assets and growing. With their trust, we believe we can and will change this industry.

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Design Computer Science Finance Product Development Java Continuous Integration Automated Testing engineering CSS Math Physics Economics HTML Web Platforms Programming Language Analytics Product Management Ruby SQL Automation Business Process Agile Software C# Stack Codebase Networking Java Virtual Machine JavaScript Sass CSS Animations Recruiting Software Engineering Compliance Brokerage Experience Marketing

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