Internet Services Oakland, California Private Corporation

Our Company

VSCO is a community for expression that empowers people everywhere to create, discover, and connect. Founded in 2011, VSCO is based in Oakland, CA with an office in New York, NY. VSCO is the parent company to Denver-based printing outpost, Artifact Uprising. As humans, we’re compelled to create. It’s in our DNA. It may not always be pretty, it may not always be easy, but it’s our fundamental response to life. Creativity isn’t limited to an artistic class; it’s the radical expression of each person’s voice in this world. It takes different forms, a mad juxtaposition that reflects the individual’s own unpredictable, winding path. It isn’t limited to the polished aspects of life, but embraces all facets of human existence, the ups and downs, the loud and quiet. Here, we’re telling the story of our people, calling others to add their layer to the multidimensional, textured creativity on VSCO.

Skills We're Looking For

Photography Arts Computer Science UI Design Product Design Programming Prototyping Interaction Design Design Technical Skill Consumer Applications Redshift Lean engineering Brand Marketing Content Marketing Digital Media Advertising User Research User Experience (UX) Data Collection Product Development Strategic Planning Technical Details UX Design Art Product Roadmap Java Scala Statistical Modeling Apache Kafka ElasticSearch Machine Learning Distributed Systems Data Infrastructure