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Full Time
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About Vokal
Vokal is an industry-leading digital experience agency specializing in mobile application development, responsive website development, user experience design, and branding in an interconnected world.
Vokal, is seeking an exceptional Systems Engineer to join our development team. At Vokal you will have the opportunity to work on exciting projects for clients ranging from early startups to the Fortune 500. You will be on a team dedicated to employing best-practices across a range of technologies. Your experience as a member of our team matters just as much as the experiences we create for our clients and the users of our products. If you are an experienced Python engineer with in-depth devops experience on AWS or Azure, we can’t wait to have you on board.
* Contribute top-notch programming skills to develop innovative server solutions for consumer-facing as well as enterprise mobile and web applications * Support and collaborate with clients, other developers, and designers to determine creative solutions to business and technical problems * Contribute to internal tooling and projects and/or the open source tools we use * Help the team stay abreast of technology improvements, tools, languages, etc
Ideal Candidate
**Preferred Experience** * 3+ years professional software development experience * Proven understanding of Python and building web applications * Familiar with AWS or Azure Hosting Platform and Cloud Services **Preferred Technical Skills** * Fluency in Python * Proficiency with Python web frameworks, especially Django or Flask * Basic understanding of SQL (any flavor) * Experience in RESTful API design * Basic DevOps skills, including configuring and scripting UNIX-like OSes * Working knowledge of C# **Bonus Skills** * Familiar with Node.js * Developing and deploying apps using Docker containers * Experience with building scalable server infrastructure * Active open source contributor, community member, blogger, or presenter **Traits** * Enthusiasm for HTTP error codes * Clear and effective communicator * Advocate for TDD with complete code coverage * Enjoys learning new technologies and helping fellow teammates
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