Front End Engineer

(Austin, Texas)
Full Time
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We help consumers make better choices about credit cards. The credit card is one of the most ubiquitous products in the world. It’s hard to imagine modern life without it. It’s also one of the least understood. And that lack of understanding is potentially threatening to consumers’ economic well-being. is the leading online marketing and publishing organization devoted to helping consumers make informed choices about credit cards.
Summary is seeking a Front-End Engineer to develop and own consumer-facing financial web applications. We help people get the most out of their money through smart credit card recommendations. We are looking for someone who loves responsive design and cutting-edge frameworks for transforming complex data into beautiful views.
* Develop responsive front-end views for award-winning consumer-facing financial tools * Build custom drop-in containers for front-end features that are reusable across sites * Work with best-in-breed frameworks for styling, layouts, and navigation flows * Work with UX and design team to transform wireframes into living products * Integrate new external APIs into platform * Own full web development requirements and implementation, release management, QA regression scripts, and deployment to production environments
Ideal Candidate
* Experience with some/all of the following frameworks: AJAX, Angular, Ember, React or jQuery * Proficiency in Node.js and one or more templating engines (e.g. handlebars, nunjucks, twig, etc.) * Proficiency in consuming, debugging and exploring REST API's. * Proficiency with HTML5 and mobile-friendly responsive design * Proficiency with consuming and producing RESTful APIs * Proficiency with task runners and asset pipeline tools (e.g. npm, Gulp) * Familiarity with CSS extension technologies (e.g. less, SASS, bootstrap) * Familiarity with web service delivery stacks (nginx, express, virtual host configuration) * Fluent at using Git * Excellent communication and writing skills * Strong cross-team communication and collaboration skills * B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent education and experience **Nice to Haves:** * Understanding of asynchronous i/o or RPC’s in javascript and/or use of associated tool libraries (i.e., async, bluebird, etc.). * Experience with a static site generator: (Jekyll, Hexo, Hugo, Middleman, etc.) * Familiarity with a backend MVC framework like Rails or Django. * Experience with a minimalist backend framework like Express, Sinatra, Flask, or an API framework like ActionHero * Experience working in the cloud, especially as it pertains to the front end: (Amazon S3 or Azure Blob, Cloudfront, Cloudflare, Fastly, etc.) * Experience using databases, key-value stores, and message queues: Redis, NoSQL, Neo4j a plus. * Good working knowledge of HTTP
Compensation and Working Conditions
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Additional Notes on Compensation

A small, agile software development team environment. Full medical, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance. Paid vacation. 401(k) with employer contributions. Snacks, drinks, foosball, and more.


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