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About Viacom
Viacom, short for "Video & Audio Communications", is an American media conglomerate with various worldwide interests in cable and satellite television networks (MTV Networks and BET), and movie production and distribution with Paramount Motion Pictures Group.
This position is for a talented Data Engineer who has experience managing research and programming of algorithm/software development, and participating in defining product requirements with product managers. The role will be end-to-end; from problem definition, with roughly 50% of your time dedicated to algorithm design, analysis, and architecture planning, with the remaining 50% used to lead developer teams toward rapid productization. The Data Engineer will participate in the analysis, development and launch of all new data strategy products. This position supports the development of data product strategies into tactical plans and will assist in managing initiatives throughout the product launch. The Sr. Software Engineer assists in developing long-range strategy and studies products for future needs, and applications.
* Software Team Leader: Develop and maintain highly scalable, high performance, multithreaded, service-oriented software modules. * Gather data from various input sources about users, intents and context in which the users are in to develop smart algorithms and software, which include content-based search algorithms, collaborative filtering, behavioral, clustering and personalization algorithms for finding correlations relevant to each user. * Work with QA and support teams to ensure product quality for the end customer. * Analyze large data sets and understand user needs and intent in the context of (time, location, etc…) * Assist with product and process innovation and automation. * Drive successful prototypes toward product maturity. * Participate in preparing business cases, requirements documents and product roadmaps for new concepts. * Be an authoritative source of product-related information for the data strategy products including product definition, and business policies. * Lead, attend, and participate in meetings and committees as required.
Ideal Candidate
**Basic Qualifications** * 5-7 years of experience. * College Degree in Computer Science preferred. * Machine learning, clustering, classification, predictive and statistical algorithms, ideally for a Recommender System/Content Recommendations. * Designed and implemented an efficient pattern matching engine. * Experience in writing algorithms and software for mobile applications. **Additional Qualifications** * Natural Language Processing. * Data Mining. * Java, Hadoop, Cassandra, C++, R, Python, SQL, Perl, Octave. * Strong data analysis and problem solving skills. * Strong project management experience. * Good communication skills with ability to facilitate conversations with business stakeholders in project definition, business requirements definition and functional design sessions. * Ability to lead shared resources and vendors to facilitate the completion of data strategy product solutions.


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