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(Palo Alto, California)
Full Time
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We are a Series-C funded Hybrid cloud deployment and management platform built on cutting edge OpenStack and Container environments. We have quickly become the leader in the space with 3 amazing products that help startups and enterprise companies scale with both deployment and management services unparalleled by our competitors. Our clients are given the flexibility of data security while yielding all the advantages of AWS.
We are looking to hire a Software Engineer specialized in developing the test infrastructure written around VMware, Cloud Platforms (AWS, OpenStack, Google Cloud, Azure) and/or Container Tech (preferably Kubernetes) API’s.
* Building the next generation of hybrid cloud deployment and management platforms * Building reliable and scalable test infrastructure * Building test frameworks that will be used by developers across the company to improve our test coverage and quality * Creating more streamlined release cycles and cutting time down from weeks to days * Working with small, close-knit teams in a high-growth, high-expectations environment
Ideal Candidate
**Things you need to have:** * No degree required but strong experience needed * 3+ years of enterprise cloud based tech development experience w/ a focus on Test Infrastructure, automation tools and writing test code vs (heavy Test Case experience without the former will not be suitable for this role) * Strong Python experience * Written code around API’s for VMware, AWS, OpenStack, Azure, Kubernetes, and/or Docker * Proficient in Linux based Environments * Proven experience with build/release and continuous integration systems like Jenkins or Teamcity * Experience with continuous delivery infrastructure **If would be great if you had:** * Cloud/virtualization tech * Experience with building lightweight web-services


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