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RiverStone Resources

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The RiverStone Group is the preeminent insurance run-off manager in the world and is owned by Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited, a financial services holding company, publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol FFH. RiverStone is a global insurance industry leader specializing in the acquisition and management of insurance portfolios. With highly skilled insurance specialists employed in the US and Europe (http://www.rsml.co.uk/), RiverStone has amassed unrivaled industry and regulatory experience, and is the recognized market leader in the resolution of complex insurance claims arising from APH (asbestos, environmental, and mass tort) construction defect, brown and blue water marine, workers compensation, and major bodily injury liabilities. In addition to industry-defining experience with run-off management and consolidation, RiverStone, together with Fairfax, now brings to the market the capability to creatively finance substantial transactions so as to relieve customers of the continuing liability concerns, regulatory, and rating issues associated with discontinued or lagging businesses. In short, RiverStone brings world class capabilities to the resolution of complex insurance and reinsurance portfolios throughout the world. RiverStone: World Class, World Wide.

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Management Negotiation Reporting Resolution Conferences Contracts Evaluations Interpretation Legal Liability Litigation Mediation Financial Working Independently Acquisitions Claims Handling Maintenance Compensation Confidentiality Construction Design Exposure Interpersonal Participation Claims Execution Strategy Techniques Business Accounting Principles Compliance Efficiency Expense Reports Financial Reporting Investments