Kitchen Leader

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

(Monticello, Minnesota)
Full Time
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About Perkins Restaurant & Bakery
Since it was founded in 1958 as a single pancake house in Ohio, Perkins has evolved into the nation’s leading family dining restaurant concept, with 405 company-owned and franchised locations in 33 states and five Canadian provinces. Throughout its history, Perkins Restaurant & Bakery has remained true to its mission of providing guests with personalized service and high quality food at a great value.
Maintains direction of kitchen staff members to ensure daily goals and tasks are being met. Performs all duties to maximize guest satisfaction and quality work environment.
* Works with Kitchen Manager to ensure that all budget expenses are within limits. * Keeps General Manager/Kitchen Manager informed of problems and/or issues and proposes alternative solutions for consideration. * Identifies ways to improve and streamline operation. * Maintains a clean and safe facility. * Monitors and oversees food temperatures during hot and cold handling to reduce the incidence of risk factors known to cause food borne illness. * Communicates clearly and concisely both verbally and in writing. * Selects and maintains communication with vendors providing restaurant equipment and supplies. * Completes walk thru and temperature checks in the kitchen. * Assists in ordering food, produce, liquor and restaurant supplies. * Assists in receiving deliveries and checks paperwork to ensure receipt of items and directs staff to stock items.
Ideal Candidate
**Physical Requirements/Environment/Working Conditions:** * Extensive standing, without breaks. * Exposure to heat, steam, smoke, cold. * Reaching heights of approximately 6 feet and depths of 2 1/2 - 3 ft. * Must have high level of mobility/flexibility in space provided. * Must be able to fit through openings 30" wide. * Must be able to work irregular hours under heavy pressure/stress during busy times. * Bending, reaching, walking. * Communicating with guests if needed. * Operating cash register. * Carrying trays of food products weighing about 20 pounds for distances up to 30 feet. * Lifting up to 50 pounds. **Education Level Required:** * High school diploma; some college or degree preferred. **Experience Required:** * At least six months prior experience in hospitality work; culinary education and/or experience a plus.


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