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About Marie Callender's Restaurant & Bakery
There are over 65 Marie Callender's® restaurants and 1 East Side Mario's restaurant in the United States and Mexico. Marie's commitment to freshly prepared foods using only the highest-quality ingredients still endures. Marie Callender's® serves up a wide variety of classic American foods updated with today's flavors, including our signature Famous Pot Pies, Freshly Roasted Turkey Dinner, St. Louis BBQ Ribs and Crunchy BBQ Chicken Salad.
Maintains direction of kitchen staff members to ensure daily goals and tasks are being met. Performs all duties to maximize guest satisfaction and quality work environment.
* Works with Kitchen Manager to ensure that all budget expenses are within limits. * Keeps General Manager/Kitchen Manager informed of problems and/or issues and proposes alternative solutions for consideration. * Identifies ways to improve and streamline operation. * Maintains a clean and safe facility. * Monitors and oversees food temperatures during hot and cold handling to reduce the incidence of risk factors known to cause food borne illness. * Communicates clearly and concisely both verbally and in writing. * Selects and maintains communication with vendors providing restaurant equipment and supplies. * Completes walk thru and temperature checks in the kitchen. * Assists in ordering food, produce, liquor and restaurant supplies. * Assists in receiving deliveries and checks paperwork to ensure receipt of items and directs staff to stock items.
Ideal Candidate
**Physical Requirements/Environment/Working Conditions:** * Extensive standing, without breaks. * Exposure to heat, steam, smoke, cold. * Reaching heights of approximately 6 feet and depths of 2 1/2 - 3 ft. * Must have high level of mobility/flexibility in space provided. * Must be able to fit through openings 30" wide. * Must be able to work irregular hours under heavy pressure/stress during busy times. * Bending, reaching, walking. * Communicating with guests if needed. * Operating cash register. * Carrying trays of food products weighing about 20 pounds for distances up to 30 feet. * Lifting up to 50 pounds. **Education Level Required:** High school diploma; some college or degree preferred. **Experience Required:** At least six months prior experience in hospitality work; culinary education and/or experience a plus.


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