Asphalt Market Analyst

Owens Corning

(Toledo, Ohio)
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About Owens Corning
At Owens Corning, we strive every day to make the world a better place. Our track record, now surpassing 75 years, shows sustained results in this pursuit. Our history also shows market-leading businesses in insulation, roofing and fiberglass composites.
The Asphalt Market Analyst will focus on delivering high-value information and analysis of developments and trends in both the crude oil and refining markets to inform our medium and long-term behavior and decision-making when it comes to asphalt sourcing and investment. This role will drive unbiased, outside-in thinking and be viewed as the go-to source within the business for relevant and actionable information and analysis relating to these key market segments. This is an individual contributor role, but close and effective collaboration with Asphalt Sourcing, Science & Technology, Finance, Corporate Development, Supply Chain and Sales will be critical to success.
This role is the home in the company of deep understanding of the North American and global crude oil and refining industries. The incumbent will be well-versed in the strategy of the Roofing & Asphalt business and understand the manner in which the Asphalt team both creates value and manages risk within that. The role involves a mixture of independent work and collaboration with colleagues in Roofing & Asphalt, and the ability to be effective in both capacities will be critical. In addition, this role will work with colleagues from the Corporate Finance, Sourcing and Risk Management teams. As such, the ability to build a network of strong, internal working relationships outside of Roofing & Asphalt will also be important. To be successful, the incumbent will have to work effectively and independently with key outside constituencies as well. Networking with, interviewing and gathering data from, among others, refiners, consultants, industry groups and government agencies will be key. This includes regularly benchmarking OC’s asphalt cost structure against those of the market and key competitors to ensure that our business is delivering best-in-class sourcing performance in asphalt. A key part of this role will be publishing regular work products (i.e. quarterly) that share developments in these markets with key constituencies including, but not limited to, OC senior executives and customers. As such, communications skills must be commensurate with the needs of these audiences. **The key blocks of work for this role are:** **Crude Oil Market Analysis** * Identify trends in the North American and global crude oil markets that will impact the availability, quality and cost of asphalt for our business. * Synthesize information and data (both forecasted and historical) on crude production, transportation, quality and cost into relevant analysis. **Refining Industry Analysis** * Monitor and identify market intelligence in the crude oil refining industry both in North American and abroad and cogently articulate the potential impact of those developments on OC’s Asphalt business. * This will include topics ranging from investment by refiners to potential changes in the crudes they use to their yield rates. * One of the key work products here will be a strategic profile of each asphalt-producing refiner. **Long-term Cost Forecasts** * Examine historical price behavior, including correlations with other products in the petroleum complex, to develop medium and long-range forecast scenarios for asphalt cost. * Gather the data necessary to perform these analytics and work with others both inside and outside the company to validate conclusions. * This work will also include maintaining a model(s) of a coker(s). **Competitive Analysis** * As a continuation of the crude oil and refining analytics mentioned above, carry conclusions forward to assess potential impacts on our asphalt and/or roofing competitors and identify circumstances that create relative advantage.
Ideal Candidate
**Experience:** * Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Business, Science, Engineering or other quantitative discipline, is essential; MBA preferred. * Knowledge of and experience in petroleum markets is preferred * Strong analytical skills are very important to this role, with an emphasis on statistics and, to a lesser extent, operations research * Experience and comfort working with large amounts of quantitative and qualitative data to produce insightful analysis * Significant interaction with senior executive audiences with a track record of effective written and oral communication * Ability to travel 15%-20% **Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:** * Communicates clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing, with internal and external constituencies ranging from entry-level analysts to C-level executives * Possesses a natural curiosity about complex and sometimes unstructured problems and the internal drive to pursue answers to them * Interacts with others at all levels in a way that fosters teamwork, openness and high performance; teaches and shares information willingly and enthusiastically * Effectively prioritizes multiple, competing responsibilities to successful and timely conclusion * Enrolls peers and others in supporting key deliverables through persuasion in the absence of a direct reporting relationship * Brings analytical abilities that raise the capability of our team and shares them willingly with others * Manages confidential information with discretion * Shares OC’s commitment to working safely


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