Senior Test Engineer

Northwestern Mutual

(Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Full Time
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About Northwestern Mutual
Northwestern Mutual?has been helping families and businesses achieve financial security for 160 years. Through a distinctive, whole-picture planning approach including both insurance and investments, we empower people to be financially confident. We combine the expertise of our financial professionals with a personalized digital experience and leading-edge technology to best serve our clients.
As a technical, hands-on Test Engineer, your job is to participate in the manual and automation testing of various web-based projects that integrate over various systems, including: third-party financial account linking tools (think Mint and Personal Capital), call scheduling, email delivery, CRMs (Salesforce), and complex financial planning interfaces and algorithms. You will be under the guidance of a Test Engineering Manager of a team with an already-established, mature testing process. Your role will be that of a “full-stack” Test Engineer. Someone who has a strong appreciation and skill in manual / exploratory testing with the capability of writing automated and performance tests (time and training is allotted after hiring to learn our automation framework).
* Within the first two weeks, be able to jump head-first into an ongoing project and ask the appropriate questions / do the appropriate research to effectively construct test cases and understand what needs to be done in terms of integration / regression testing and eventual deployment. * Within one month, understand the basics of node.js and our automation framework (written in node.js) to the point in which you can contribute basic automation tests. * Within two months, be able to discuss high-level functionality and infrastructure of entire website. You should understand all basic user flows and how the technology behind it works. * To learn node.js to working proficiency within 4 months. * Within five months, be able to build out entire features leveraging our current automation test infrastructure (written in node.js) * Within six months, be able to write basic performance tests in Jmeter.
Ideal Candidate
* Proven results of delivering and process improvement (with references). * Working proficiency of at least one programming language. * Experience using Selenium. * Can move quickly. Everyone here is incredibly kind and extremely willing to share knowledge and a helping hand, but you have to be willing to take ownership of the outlined goals and make things happen.


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