Hardware Project Manager

Mayfield Robotics

(Redwood City, California)
Full Time Temp-to-Hire
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About Mayfield Robotics
Mayfield Robotics is the startup behind Kuri, the adorable home robot that won a pile of awards at CES 2017 and that also pinkie-swears not to take over the world and eradicate humanity. We're growing and looking for people to come help us make Kuri even more adorable and awesome.
Our factory is working to churn out robots that will delight customers. We are looking for a sword-for-hire Project Manager who can help the Hardware team cut a swath through our enemies: time, technical debt, and dubious vendors. This means prioritizing and managing ongoing projects and deliverables while removing blockers to enable hardware team members to get things done. Help us get this over the rail in the next six months, and there is a sack of doubloons in it for you.
* Drive day-to-day activities on the ground to meet overall project objectives and production deadlines * Define project schedules/deliverables and identify all resources required to execute them successfully * Foster communications and ensure that dependencies are identified early - make the engineers talk to each other (whether they want to or not) * Manage, track, and prioritize bugs, and general product improvements * Clearly communicate project status, resource requirements, issues/blockers, and priorities * Proactively identify and mitigate project issues and risks * Multi-task and prioritize activities for quick execution of critical path work items * Pitch in on technical documentation and product specifications
Ideal Candidate
* BS degree in a technical field * 5+ years of experience running and shipping engineering/product projects * Must have worked in a startup environment or other small, independent teams * Level 5 Cat Herder * Hardware experience mandatory (consumer electronics a plus) * Experience with project management software (Jira, MS Project) and Google Docs * Strong written and oral communication and excellent presentation skills (no, but seriously) * Must supply own sword (a blunderbuss would be handy too) * Dangerous hobbies a plus


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