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Our Company

Lucid is a the world's largest audience platform for sourcing and understanding "human answers" --real, deterministic data about human behavior at scale. We built Fulcrum, the first global marketplace for market research sample, and introduced programmatic buying and selling to the market research industry. We also created Federated Sample, a full-service sample provider that, using our proprietary technology, empowers our clients to do world-class market research. Our adtech business unit is called Proof, and delivers real-time digital media measurement - audience and effectiveness. Over 14 billion questions have been asked and answered on our global platform. With a unique pool of 80 million+ respondents, Lucid delivers unprecedented access to consumers for data-driven decision making -- about everything from marketing to product development-- in real-time. We were founded and are based in New Orleans, Louisiana. We’re moving fast, and growing fast. In late 2015 we opened our second office, in London, and in mid 2016 we opened our third office, in New Delhi, India, reflecting our truly global business. Lucid was founded in 2010 as Federated Sample, LLC; the parent company was renamed in 2015, keeping the Federated Sample and Fulcrum business units as thriving brands. The name Lucid reinforces our commitment to creating clarity through the power of massive data.

Skills We're Looking For

NoSQL JavaScript Node.js Design Apache Cassandra ElasticSearch Power BI Algorithms Data Structures Python Software Development Computer Science AWS Performance Tuning SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Redshift In-Memory DAX Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) APIs SQL Business Development Management Market Research SaaS Audits Microsoft Excel Databases CSS RESTful APIs HTML Product Design Web Applications Web Development React.js