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About LiveLike
LiveLike is a Virtual Reality (VR) platform company that enables broadcasters and sports teams to deliver immersive, live sports viewing experiences. We have developed a sports viewing platform that leverages the immersive nature of VR to bring the thrill of game-day stadium experiences into fans’ living rooms.
APPLY FOR THIS JOB A UX/UI Designer at LiveLike is not just another pixel pusher. You're a visionaries behind industry defining technology while working with a team that's been making their own rules and establishes new paradigms since day one. As a key decision maker you'll be utilizing familiar tools in unique ways to perfect our design philosophy and to perfect the user experience. With LiveLike’s constant stream of new clients and continuous preparation to take on new sports and games, there are no small tasks at hand here.
* You will evolve into an integral part of our design team - taking ownership or key features within our global VR experience. (No pressure) * Taste matters just as much as your ability to ideate. We work with various clients whom all have different brand aesthetics. * As the champion prototyper and scout, you are thinking 10 steps ahead to ensure that design direction in line with vision. * You will lead the charge on topics such as ‘How do we integrate Facebook messenger in a VR experience?’ or ‘What would the visualization of real-time statistics look like?’ * Design review is a huge part of this role. You will constantly asking questions like “How can our interfaces be more logical?’ and ‘How could we cost effectively craft this feature?’ * LiveLike is continually imagining and implementing new features into our product. Your day-to-day tasks would most commonly be whiteboarding new features and all their edge cases, discussing that work with colleagues, developing them further, making them digital, and sometimes even defending the directions to clients. * After feature direction and structure is settled, you will help define and push the visual style of the features while ensuring that they remain cohesive with the rest of the product. * Designing for VR always holds something new. Some days you’ll spend learning completely new things. From video production techniques to unique prototyping software or even VR development technologies.
Ideal Candidate
* 2-4+ years of digital and/or user interaction design experience (Agency or client based is a plus) * A deep understanding of Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator primarily) * Experience working with Unity is a (big) plus. * You’ve got experience working with a fast team on real design execution * A unbridled passion for design, be it in VR, sports, gaming, or anything. We just appreciate passion... * You understand the “No-Assholes” policy * You’re not afraid of an honest, open, yet entirely respectful work environment. * You’re willing to cook with/for us (optional...maybe...) * Your luck with the /giphy command in Slack is inconceivable.


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