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About HealthEdge
HealthEdge is an agile and innovative 21st century software company that provides modern, disruptive technology that enables healthcare payors to radically innovate, drastically reduce costs, and efficiently address the business imperatives of the evolving healthcare economy.
We are a product team of developers, QA experts, user experience and visual designers and product owners who are looking for someone to help us get better at what we do. You are someone who leads by example and you know how to bring out the best in people. You’re not afraid to deal with conflicts. You know when it’s good to say “No” and when to push for more results. You have been a part of a high performance software development team. We are looking for someone to act as a galvanizing force for our whole team in establishing an Agile culture and sharing Agile knowledge across the company.
* Act as Scrum master for 1-3 scrum teams with a focus on guiding the teams towards improving the way they work. * Facilitate sprint planning, retrospective and sprint demos * Assist the product owner with keeping the backlog groomed * Ensure cross-team coordination * Reach out to other parts of the company for impediment removal * Maintain relevant metrics that help the team see how they are doing * Be an agile culture evangelist within the team * Perform all job functions consistent with HealthEdge policies and procedures, including those which govern handling PHI and PII
Ideal Candidate
* Total experience of at least 10 years with relevant experience of 3 years working in an agile environment as Scrum Master/Agile coach, preferably in more than one transformation situations, in a software development team * Knowledge of the software development life cycle * Certified scrum master/scrum practitioner * Knowledge and/or experience of Kanban * Excellent communication skills in English in written and spoken form


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