Application Support Engineer


(Powell, Ohio)
Full Time
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About HealthEdge
HealthEdge is an agile and innovative 21st century software company that provides modern, disruptive technology that enables healthcare payors to radically innovate, drastically reduce costs, and efficiently address the business imperatives of the evolving healthcare economy.
We are looking for a seasoned Application Support Engineer to join our customer support team and enable our customer’s success utilizing our state of the art healthcare application. The ideal candidate is driven to: think systematically, enjoy the problem-solving process, and be focused on our customer’s success. The ideal candidate must also have experience within the healthcare industry providing customer facing support for enterprise SaaS solutions and be passionate about developing deep product expertise to overcome obstacles and challenges. As part of the Support Engineering team, you will be expected to utilize your deep knowledge of the healthcare industry as well as a wide range of technologies to provide exceptional customer support of HealthEdge’s products.
* Approach all customer challenges in stride with a systematic, thoughtful and investigative approach. Must be good at problem solving and inquisitive about asking questions to gain understanding. Must enjoy the process of dismantling a challenge to understand how and why things work the way they do. * Conduct root cause analysis and correlation of other system and/or application problems. Must be proficient at critical thinking and analysis to properly diagnose the root cause, pattern, or commonalities in data / scenarios / issues. Be resourceful and tenacious when you do not know how to do something new. * Communicate and “translate” highly complex scenarios to a variety of audiences (internally and externally). Beyond recognizing and analyzing the problem, must be able to explain / understand issues so that they will be understood and accepted by both technical and non-technical facing individuals. * Take a curious and driven approach to understanding the business problem beyond the product problem. Be a creative and assertive team member always looking for ways to drive improved service and greater operational efficiencies and performance in support of the customer. * Leverage some basic technical skills to translate what you find into something you can use. Specifically, basic query knowledge using SQL/Oracle, basic programming logic/structure skills, and auditing / testing skills. * Maintain up to date support case records and customer information by utilizing our Customer Support Management System (Salesforce) * Manage multiple requests with competing priorities and ability to recognize whatever job needs done regardless of the job. * Perform all job functions consistent with HealthEdge policies and procedures, including those which govern handling PHI and PII
Ideal Candidate
* 5-10 years’ experience working in programming at a health plan. Preferably with claims and auto adjudication systems and/or medical management support * 3 - 5 years of experience supporting a mission critical multi-tiered Enterprise Application. Proven success * Excellent written and oral communication skills combined with the patience to take the necessary time to articulate concepts to any audience (varying stakeholders) * Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Electronics, or other relevant field * Comfortable working in a fast-paced, changing environment * Strong knowledge of databases (preferably Oracle), understand schemas, database structures and ability to write and debug SQL queries * Experience with web technologies, middleware such as WebLogic/WebSphere and popular RDBMS systems to collaborate and conceptualize with our engineers * Experience with SOAP and WebServices is a plus * Job requires flexibility to provide 24x7 on call client support on rotational basis


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