B2B Research Analyst

Gartner Incorporated

(Stamford, Connecticut)
Full Time
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About Gartner Incorporated
Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT) is the world's leading information technology research and advisory company. We deliver the technology-related insight necessary for our clients to make the right decisions, every day.
This role is responsible for providing research content to our clients in specific topics primarily through inquiry although the creation of written materials, presentations, teleconferences, interviews, etc are also important. This role principally entails creating and delivering client inquiry responses and secondarily strategic advisory services as necessary.
* Conduct on-going research and analysis specifically in B2B, multi-enterprise integration, EDI, APIs, and knowledge of B2B gateway software and EDI managed services / outsourcing (aka, Integration Brokerage in Gartner research) and then secondarily work as a member of a team that broadly covers all aspects of application integration. * Respond to client inquiries as required * Perform research by reading, networking with clients, vendors and analysts, evaluating and analyzing information and participating in Research meetings or other activities that comprise the research process as well as through interviews, surveys, statistical analysis. * Create and deliver material to clients (face-to-face, audio teleconferencing, conferences, etc.) * As a second priority, write 4-6 research documents per year * Provide individualized consulting for clients regarding Gartner research or provide advice to a user or vendor client * Provide sales support by speaking to prospective and existing clients by telephone, face-to-face sales calls * Remain current on developments and issues within specified areas
Ideal Candidate
* Bachelor's Degree in related field required; Masters preferred * 6-8 years of experience within the information technology field, and in particular experience with application integration in general and (preferred) B2B / EDI / API-based multi-enterprise integration with knowledge of either B2B gateway / integration software and/or EDI outsourcing / managed services (EDI knowledge is essential to initially fulfill this role, although it is expected over time to re-focus on API-First and other innovative approaches) * Experience leading a technology department for a user or as a product manager for a vendor, or as a financial industry analyst with knowledge of a specific technology * Knowledge typically entails both an understanding of the B2B / EDI / API technology as well as key B2B integration trends, the industry and market, vendors products and users * Articulate and succinct communication skills both verbally and in writing. Public speaking experience a plus * Demonstrated ability to piece together fragments of information, applying conceptual models, recognizing patterns and drawing and defending conclusions * Superior project management skill as well as analytical and quantitative aptitude.


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