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About DigitalOcean
DigitalOcean, the cloud for developers, is a dynamic, high-growth technology company that serves a passionate community of technologists around the world. We want to simplify cloud computing for every developer and are working on some of the most challenging and interesting problems in cloud computing.
As a Senior Engineer on the Compute team, the software you write will run on tens of thousands of hypervisors across our global infrastructure. You will define the next generation of cloud services, making developers' lives (both inside DO and in the 'wild') easier by building new services that improve our efficiency and also provide important new features for our customers. If your passion is Distributed Systems, this is the right job for you. This role can be worked remotely or from our offices in NYC and Cambridge, MA.
* Build the services that build Droplets (our customer’s VM instances) * Design, implement, test and optimize new services that run at scale and solve challenging distributed coordination problems. * Work with our product teams to build the next generation of products and services for our developers community. * Drive architecture for complex products by determining current limitations and coming up with solutions
Ideal Candidate
**What We'll Expect From You:** * Significant experience as a software engineer, developer, or programmer building software used by 1000s of users * Expertise with at least one of the following languages: Go, Perl, Ruby, Python, C/C++, Java * Experience with large scale distributed systems programming * Passion for mentoring and coaching other members on your team * Record of creating sweeping improvements in stability, performance and scalability across major business-critical systems * Experience with at least one configuration management system like Chef, Ansible and/or Puppet * Deep understanding and knowledge of virtualization (such as libvirt, KVM, QEMU, Namespaces and Containers) * Deep understanding of Linux * Strong opinions, weakly held
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We offer competitive health, dental, and vision benefits for employees and their dependents, a monthly gym reimbursement to keep you fit, and a monthly commute allowance to make your trips to and from work easier.


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