Production Operator

Bridgetown Natural Foods

(Portland, Oregon)
Full Time Evenings Weekends
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About Bridgetown Natural Foods
Bridgetown Natural Foods, established in Portland, Oregon in 2010, is a manufacturing partner for leading all-natural, organic and gluten-free snack brands dedicated to producing sustainable, innovative and healthy products. Bridgetown’s mission is to increase the availability of natural, wholesome foods through operational excellence.
The Production Operator is responsible for running specified equipment and contributing skills and expertise to the production line to run efficiently and effectively. The Operator position duties are an essential part of our day-to-day operation; learning and applying established practices and established standards is paramount. As a member of the production team, Operators take an active role in the areas of safety, quality, and productivity, and must insist on team accountability and trust.
* Operates in work groups and monitors processes within an assigned area of responsibility. * Loads and unloads items from machines and conveyors. * Feeds materials through production equipment. * Monitors and inspects products to verify conformance to quality and safety standards. * Operates equipment while evaluating product or package quality. * Transfers finished products, raw materials, tools, or equipment between storage and work areas by hand or using hand trucks or powered lift trucks. * Communicates with supervisors and other leaders concerning safety, quality and processing issues. * Removes products, machine attachments, or waste material from machines. * Initiates cleaning and sanitation of assigned areas. * Responsible for the health and safety of self and co-workers. * Models safe behaviors. * Ensures daily housekeeping duties are completed thoroughly and correctly. * Responsible for reporting food safety issues following established SOPs, sSOPs and GMPs; escalates serious or unresolved issues to Team Leader or acting Supervisor. * Participates in start-ups, shut-downs, changeovers and cleans; contributes to ensure efficiency and on-time completion. * Seeks guidance and clarifies target expectations with Lead and Supervisor, and manages time and daily activities to align with Team goals. * Assists in ensuring new team members are learning and consistently following SOPs, GMPs and other safety and food safety guidelines or regulations. May be responsible to cross-train or onboard new team members. * Learns and develops new skills. * Operates and diagnoses issues in the process, along with the Team Leader and others, to achieve targets. * Monitors, tracks and records observations and contributes to problem solving, process stability, and variance reduction. * Models exceptional attendance. * Attends huddles when requested. Supports change process. * Identifies problems and resolves or escalates problems appropriately. * Adheres to Company Personnel, Food Safety and Safety policies, paying special attention to recipe adherence and lot code tracking. * Records down-time causes, perform minor troubleshooting. * Reports malfunction or problems to Team Lead or Supervisor, immediately. * Completes all operation-specific data collection throughout shift, with integrity, accurately and on time.
Ideal Candidate
**Knowledge, Skills and Abilitites:** * High School diploma or equivalent preferred * Ability to understand and communicate instructions in English * 1-3 years of experience in a manufacturing/food production environment * High mechanical aptitude is essential for this position * Patience and the ability to communicate in a diverse work environment * Ability to operate machines in a safe manner * Ability to maintain attention to detail over several hours, while working in a fast paced environment * Ability to analyze machine operations and propose solutions to problems * Understanding of basic mathematical calculations, reading numbers and symbols, and record keeping * Ability to work in a team environment, being flexible and adaptive to changing needs * Ability to manage time effectively, plan and organize work space * Ability to learn and apply company standards including, but not limited to, lock-out/tag-out, safety practices, SOPs, GMPs, employee handbook, etc. **Working Conditions/Physical Factors:** * Positions require standing, repetitive movement, bending and twisting, and using hands to handle objects; exposure to sustained noise levels; exposure to a variety of food allergens; working in very hot temperatures; exposure to hazards such as machinery, slippery floors, ladders and powered industrial vehicles. May be required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE). * Ability to stand for 95-100% of shift, sometimes up to 12 hours. * Able to work in environment containing nuts, peanuts, dairy, grains and other allergens. * Must have the ability to perform repetitive tasks quickly and accurately. * Must be available for all shifts, nights, weekends, some holidays, occasional overtime, if necessary.
Compensation and Working Conditions
Reports to Production Supervisor


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