Publishing Coordinator


(Denver, Colorado)
Full Time
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About BiggerPockets
BiggerPockets is a complete resource for anyone looking to succeed in real estate investing. We offer free content, tools, and a community of over 600,000 members to help people avoid mistakes; learn valuable tips; find partners, deals, and financing; and make the best investing decisions possible.
You will be overseeing the successful launch of books and the growth of our publishing company by managing multiple projects within the lifecycle of BiggerPockets books. You will be responsible for tracking and managing sales and day-to-day business operations, as well as facilitating the editorial process for new books. You will also be expected to manage book launches and sales and to systematically and creatively market and promote the books and the business to increase both short and long-term book sales.
* Maintain current business operations for BiggerPockets Publishing * Keep up-to-date records of book sales and profitability/expense per book to allow easy, strategic decision-making * Monitor inventory levels and recommend the order of new printings as needed * Coordinate with support and marketing teams to handle the seasonality of the publishing business * Review customer feedback on books and fix errors; review Kindle, Audible, and print editions periodically and before new printings for errors * Review, create, and assist as needed in the calculation of author royalties * Produce and launch new content (books) that meets publishing standards * Work alongside the authors to deliver quality books to help BiggerPockets users succeed in real estate investing * Solicit and analyze new book queries with assistance from editorial board * Work closely with authors during writing and initial editing phase to ensure manuscripts meet department needs and quality expectations * Review initial drafts, make determination about likelihood of success of the project, and recommend whether the work(s) are likely to develop into valuable additions to the BiggerPockets Publishing lineup * Find, develop, and coordinate with highly competent proofreaders * Find, develop, and coordinate with sales, product, customer support, podcast, and marketing teams at BiggerPockets * Increase sales and expand reach via internal and external initiatives * Work with third party vendors to make sure that their sales team is consistently expanding the BiggerPockets footprint * Work directly with potential new large wholesale buyers * Track and review on-site sales funnels to ensure traffic to publishing bookstore is perpetually increasing * Work to get BiggerPockets Publishing partnered with top quality brands in the publishing, personal finance, and real estate spaces
Ideal Candidate
**What You Have** * Interest/experience in real estate * Project management experience * Detailed-oriented mindset * Strong writing and editing skills * Experience with marketing funnels and conversion optimization * Proactive problem-solving abilities * Ability to work well with multiple stakeholders * Entrepreneurial spirit * Drive and ambition to grow a business * Passion for books


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