Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions are specifically for employers.

What is DreamHire?

DreamHire is an end-to-end hiring platform built for fast-moving, agile teams. Rather than cobbling together several tools to manage your hiring process, you can use DreamHire to post jobs, source candidates, manage applicants through the process, schedule and host interviews, and close offers.

Our platform matches employers to job seekers using a patent-pending machine-learning algorithm. Our algorithm takes into account many factors to find candidates that are best fit for the position, including skills, experiences, interests, personality, and more. Our goal is to provide you ranked and prioritized candidates that best fit your hiring needs so that you can save time and money.

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Posting Jobs

Who can post jobs?

DreamHire only allows job posts directly from employers. We do not allow job posts from placement agencies or independent recruiters.Top

How do I post a job?

Employers can post jobs by creating a profile for their organization here. After creating a profile, click on Post Job and enter the job description. Top

Can I post jobs immediately after signing up?

You can create your jobs and save them as drafts after signing up, but you will have to verify your email address and add some organization details before you can publish them to be live.Top

Can I post any jobs I want?

Yes, as long as your jobs and business follow our terms of service and are not on our list of prohibited businesses.Top

How much does it cost to post a job?

Posting a job on DreamHire is free. Unlike most job boards, DreamHire doesn’t charge per job post. Instead, your organization can have a subscription with a maximum number of live concurrent job posts. DreamHire offers a three for free plan which allows you to have up to three concurrently live job posts at a time, at no charge. Viewing applications to those job posts is also free. Top

What kinds of jobs can I post?

The DreamHire platform specializes in jobs located in the USA. Our predictive matching algorithms are best suited for skill-based jobs; for example, marketing, engineering, customer service, management, and finance. Nonetheless you can post any job that abides by the DreamHire Quality Guidelines. Top

Can you post a job for me?

Our support team would be happy to assist you by guiding you through your first post. They will walk you through how to post a job in the way that will get you the best results. Contact us to schedule this walkthrough session; it is useful to have a written job description already prepared (in docx, PDF, or online). We also offer regular job posting services by our Recruitment Specialist team for enterprise accounts and a service upgrade for premium accounts. Top

Can I include more than one job in a job post?

No, only one job is allowed per post. For more details, see the DreamHire Quality Guidelines.Top

What are your job posting quality guidelines?

The DreamHire Quality Guidelines discuss the rules and best practices for posting jobs on DreamHire.Top

Can I post a job without revealing my company?

Yes, you can post a job without revealing the company by using the advanced settings in the job post. Note that these types of posts typically receive far fewer applications than jobs with an associated company. Also note that the DreamHire staff will see all of your company’s job posts.Top

Can I post a job without specifying a location?

No, every job post requires a location. This location is used by job seekers to find jobs that are located near them. Job seekers have the ability to search for jobs in other places. If you are posting a work-from-home job, you can select the “remote work” option inside of your job post settings. Job seekers who are looking for this type of work will be able to search for it. Top

Will my Name and Email Address be visible to job seekers?

On the job post page, your name and email address will not be displayed. However, if you choose to connect with applicants through the platform, they will see your contact information. You can specify a different contact information for each organization that you are a member of.Top

My job was removed. Why did this happen?

Our staff regularly reviews and removes job posts. Most frequently job posts are removed if they do not abide by our DreamHire Quality Guidelines. If your job post has been removed, you may contact us. Job posts can be re-instated after they have been modified to abide by the quality guidelines.Top

Managing Job Applications and Candidates

How do job seekers find and apply to my job posting?

Once you have published your job post, it becomes available on the DreamHire network and on our Partner Network. Job seekers can find your post by browsing, by search, and by matching.If a job seeker is interested, they can apply by clicking the apply button on the job post. You can specify whether the apply button should take the job seeker to a separate webpage, to an email, or to our built-in Applicant Tracking System. When applicants apply through our built-in ATS, you will get additional matching and compatibility information from each applicant.Top

How does the Built-In Applicant Tracking System work?

On the job posting’s settings page, on the Apply subtab, you can specify to use the built in DreamHire ATS. From there, you can create a screening questionnaire with up to 5 preset questions or your own questions. All questions can be set as either required or optional. In addition to the screening filter, you can create a secondary questionnaire with more information, additional questions, and attachments. Using the built-in ATS system lets you easily manage your applicants. You can review applications, share them with colleagues for their review, and take and share notes about each applicant. Top

We already use an ATS. Can we use it for DreamHire applicants?

We recommend that you at least try our built-in ATS. Jobs set to use the built-in ATS receive far more applications than jobs that send job-seekers to another site to apply. Also, our built-in ATS has proven to be very effective and a huge time-saver for our customers. However, if you must use a 3rd party ATS, then you can set that in the job post settings page on the Apply subtab, choose the “link to webpage” option. Note that when you use a 3rd party ATS, it will not have the features provided by the DreamHire ATS, including compatibility, skills matching, video profiles, live chat, and more. Top

How do I use the DreamHire Applicant Tracking System to evaluate candidates?

Using the DreamHire ATS, every applicant will be automatically sorted by compatibility, so the applicants that you are most likely to be interested in are at the top. When you select a candidate, you can view their application and profile, merged into one page for easy viewing. On the candidate page, you can view their application and profile, rate it, comment on it, take notes, and share it with colleagues (who can also rate, comment, and take notes). If you would like to move forward with a candidate, click the “Request Contact Info” button. This will notify the candidate that you are interested in them, and once they click “Accept” then both your and the candidate’s contact information and preferences will be shared with each other. From here, you can contact the candidate directly and schedule the next steps (phone or in-person interview). Top

Can I share the applications with my coworkers who are not in HR/recruiting?

Yes! Let's say you want a colleague to give you their feedback on one particular application. Just enter their email address for the applications that you'd like them to evaluate.Top

Can I import applicants that have applied to my job outside of DreamHire?

Right now, this feature is only available in the Enterprise Edition via the API. We are building support for this feature for other subscription levels.Top

How do I search Candidates and Resumes?

You can search through all applicants (who applied using the built-in Applicant Tracking System) by going to your organization’s dashboard and clicking on “All Applicants”. Searching through job seekers who have not applied to any of your jobs is a feature currently only available for enterprise accounts and as a service upgrade for premium accounts. Contact us if you are interested in this service. Top

Subscriptions and Payments

Can I post jobs for free?

Yes, you can post as many jobs as you want for free under our three for free plan, which allows up to three concurrently-live job posts. This plan is intended as a fully-usable plan for small organizations. Top

What are the Paid Plans?

DreamHire offers paid plans with additional features and higher limits for organizations with additional needs. The three paid plan options are: Lite, Standard, and Premium. See the pricing page for a detailed comparison. Top

How much do the Paid Plans cost?

Pricing for the paid plans differ by the plan type, monthly versus annual billing, and the number of seats. All plans are priced per seat.Top

What is a seat?

A seat is a user who has job-posting and job-post management access: for example, hiring managers, human resources, and critical team members would be seats. Any of these members can forward an application to another colleague for their evaluation – these “evaluators” are not counted as seats and therefore do not cost anything.Top

What are evaluator accounts?

Evaluator accounts are accounts that you have given access to evaluate a single or multiple applications; for example, if you want to ask someone for their assessment of a candidate. Evaluator accounts are not counted as seats, and therefore you do not pay for them.Top

Can I mix and match plans for each of my users?

Each organization can only have one level of plan (Lite, Standard, or Premium). The per-user cost will apply to all organizations on the plan. We do not allow mix-and-match of different levels since the features available on the plan apply to the whole organization, not to an individual user.Top

How does Billing and Payment work?

All of the self-service plans (Lite, Standard, and Premium) may only be paid by a US-issued credit card through the website. Payment plans are recurring either monthly or annually (annual plans are discounted). Billing by invoice is only available for enterprise accounts. Additional detail can be found on our Billing FAQ Top

What is your "fair billing policy"?

On DreamHire, you only get billed for what you use. Any user who is not active in your organization (posting jobs, viewing jobs or applicants, etc.) for the duration of the previous billing period will be flagged as a “dormant account” for that month, and a full credit will be given for that user for the dormant month. This means that you won’t end up paying for any users who aren’t using the DreamHire. This policy was inspired by the Fair Billing Policy of our favorite messaging app, Slack.Top

Do you offer any free trials or discounts for non-profits or startups?

We do not offer any free trials for the paid plans, because you can already use DreamHire for free without any expiration under the three for free. Nonprofits or startups can contact us for special needs. Other organizations can receive discount rates by selecting annual billing instead of monthly billing (about 20% off). In addition, we offer a referral program for additional discounts. Top

What are Enterprise Accounts?

We offer custom packages for large customers. Enterprise accounts can have billing by invoice (instead of monthly/annual recurring billing on a credit card), dedicated support, in-person training, and more. Enterprise accounts are limited to organizations with a minimum of ten seats.Top

Can I get a refund or partial refund?

If you are not satisfied with our service, contact our support team and we will do our best to help you succeed on our platform. We encourage every potential customer to try our product for free with our never-expiring three for free plan. You can cancel your subscription at any time, and then you will not be billed at the next billing period. We do not offer refunds or partial refunds for our subscription-based services, even if you fill the position through another source, do not post any jobs on the platform, or do not hire from the site. We want to give you a good experience such that you do not feel compelled to request a refund. Contact our support for any assistance. Top

Product Performance and Job Removal

How do I get the best results from the platform?

You can get the best results from DreamHire by writing a good job description and being as specific as possible about the position available. In addition, job posts that use the DreamHire built-in ATS receive far more applications than job posts that take job-seekers to another webpage to apply. Unlike most job boards, our goal is not to get you more applicants. We prioritize quality over quantity, and optimize our user experience for getting the handful of best candidates instead of many applicants that you would not be interested in. So, if your job post does not have many applicants, keep in mind that perhaps the person you’re looking for hasn’t searched for jobs on our site yet, and we are saving you time from reviewing applicants that you won’t be interested in. Top

Do you offer a product performance guarantee?

Filling a job vacancy depends on many factors, including the quality of the job post, the matchmaking algorithms of our product, the economy at large, seasonal fluctuations, individual fit, and chance. Therefore, although we believe in our product and do our best to fill your positions, we cannot offer a performance guarantee. We encourage every interested customer to try our three for free plan.Top

I never posted my job on your site, why is it there and how can I remove it?

DreamHire is a job search engine that collects jobs online onto the platform. The easiest way to remove a job that is no longer available is by claiming ownership of the organization in DreamHire and then clicking the “close job” button on the job management page. Claiming ownership of the organization in DreamHire is free and takes less than 5 minutes. Contact our support if you have any additional inquiries.Top

My job was removed. Why did this happen?

Our staff regularly reviews and removes job posts. Most frequently job posts are removed if they do not abide by our DreamHire Quality Guidelines. If your job post has been removed, you may contact us. Job posts can be re-instated after they have been modified to abide by the quality guidelines.Top

Specific Features

What is the trusted badge and how do I get one?

The trusted badge is an indicator to job seekers that the organization posting the job has been verified by DreamHire. It is only available for the lite, standard, and premium accounts.Top

What is the difference between a silver shield and a gold shield?

While both the silver shield and the gold shield require verification, the silver shield has fewer requirements. Contact us for instructions on how to get the shield. Please note that there is a fee for the verification process.Top

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