Trump Seems to Hire Staff Based on Instinct vs. Credentials

Trump Seems to Hire Staff Based on Instinct vs. Credentials

By: Daniel Steingold | August 28, 2016

Some critics have recently called it ironic that Donald Trump calls for extreme vetting when it comes to letting people into the United States, but he hasn’t necessarily thoroughly examined who he brings onto his staff.

Two examples of Trump’s leniency with whom he lets on his campaign staff are with Paul Manafort and Stephen K. Bannon.

Manafort, who recently resigned from his post as Trump’s campaign manager, took payments from pro-Russian Ukrainian leaders. Bannon, who is Trump’s newly hired campaign leader, has run into controversy over domestic violence charges pressed against him in the 90s.

Trump’s hires have brought up questions about his judgment and management skills, particularly because he has tried to sell himself on his business acumen and ability to form the best team around himself.

Charges against Bannon were dropped. It had been alleged that he grabbed his wife by the neck and wrist during a fight, and that he threatened her to not make the incident public.

Manafort was found to have accepted a $12.7 million bribe of sorts, which made it so Trump had to dismiss him from his position of influence.

Just this past Thursday, Trump hired Bill Stepien, a political strategist who has also had his own share of controversy in the past.

Corey Lewandowski, Manafort’s predecessor, also had somewhat of a checkered past.

This has led many to speculate that Trump hires on instinct, as opposed to experience or looking at resumes.

This style perhaps came most into view when Trump chose a woman from the crowd during a March speech and offered her a job.

Trump’s methods are a departure from most presidential candidates, who usually do extensive background checks on staffers.

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