Fox News Poll Says Americans Trust Trump More with Economy

By: Daniel Steingold | May 19, 2016

For what it’s worth, there is a new poll released today by Fox News that has some fairly revealing implications for the upcoming November election.

Focusing upon Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the frontrunners and presumptive winners for their respective parties, the study illustrates how voters apparently trust Trump more with the economy than Clinton. Beating Clinton by a 12 percentage point margin— 53 to 41 percent— the economy is expected to be the top issue for voters according to the poll, with 39 percent saying it will be the key factor in deciding how to vote.

The economy beats out other issues by a wide margin. Only 14 percent say national security will be the primary issue deciding their vote, 10 percent declare each education and healthcare to be most important, and eight percent declare each immigration and social issues to be most important.

In terms of some of these other issues measured, Trump tops Clinton by 12 points (52 versus 40 percent) in terms of terrorism. Clinton leads Trump by 12 points on social issues, 10 points on education, 10 points on foreign policy, three points on healthcare, and two points on immigration.

Perhaps the most glaring gap in perception is in how Clinton leads by a 35-point margin when it comes to who is believed to represent the views of Latinos.

The study was conducted with 1,021 randomly chosen voters nationwide under a collaboration between Anderson Robbins Research and Shaw & Company Research.

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