Virtual Reality Jobs on the Rise

By: Daniel Steingold | May 11, 2016

Tech jobs are all the rage, yet one niche tech industry is seeing particularly spectacular growth: virtual reality. VR, as it’s often abbreviated, can bring high levels of immersion to entertainment, which was what Mark Zuckerberg saw when he spent $2 billion to acquire Oculus Rift about two years ago.

Many makers of VR technology need developers and coders to help them develop their VR capabilities. With future VR applications believed to be so wide-ranging— from consumer electronics to software applications to even applications outside of what would traditionally be considered technology— jobs are expected to be aplenty.

Case in point: SmartRecruiters, a leading staffing platform, saw more VR job postings pop up in the first quarter of 2016 than all of 2015. It is important to note that not all VR positions require technical skills— designers and individuals who can assess user experience are also in demand.

The vast majority of these VR positions can be found and applied for online, which goes in line with the technological focus of virtual reality. Having connections, such as through social media, can be of immense help.

And it’s clear that people are seeking these jobs; since 2014, searches for jobs from job seekers within the virtual reality industry have increased by 1,800%. This is largely because the number of people looking to work in virtual reality a few years ago was so low, but it’s still a significant leap.

If you’re looking for specific VR companies to work for, search no further than many of the tech giants. Samsung, Apple, Google, Facebook, IBM, and Intel are just some of the firms hiring.

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