North Charleston, South Carolina Private Corporation

Our Company

How can we begin to describe a journey that has been... well, indescribable? It started innocently enough. Two boyhood friends had the idea to give wings and fingers a shot at the big time - promoting them from appetizers to entrees. So Zach and Tony rubbed two nickels together and opened a restaurant in the college town of Statesboro, GA. The food was great. And the response was even greater. Before long, there was so much demand for Zaxby’s restaurants, they had to franchise just to keep up. Besides, in their heart of hearts, they wanted to help other people own their own business too. They set up their headquarters in Athens, GA and began serving their franchisee family with the same attitude that had made them a hit with customers. The rest, as they say, is Hiztory.

Skills We're Looking For

Communication Accounting Business Maintenance General Accounting Leadership Prepared Promoting Serving REST Finance Commitment Interpersonal Plans Quality Reports Sales Systems Work Independently Computer Develop Equipment Knowledge Policies Preventive Maintenance General Ledger Management