Devops Engineer

TVision Insights

(Boston, Massachusetts)
Full Time
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About TVision Insights
TVision Insights is a ‘hyper-growth’ television attention measurement company pioneering the way brands, their agencies, TV networks and OTT platforms determine the true value of their video content and advertising. The company’s core technology uses data science and motion capture technology to passively assess eyes on screen, the single most accurate way to measure person-level engagement with video content.
As our Devops Engineer, you will design, build, and deploy the infrastructure and tooling that runs TVision’s AWS back end. You will also help us build out the configuration management systems that keep our network of field deployed data collection devices up and running.
Your work will be a crucial force multiplier for the entire software development team, as you help us improve our service deployment, compute scaling, and operational monitoring. We are committed to the principle that infrastructure development is software development, but more than that -- good devops work is what makes scaling a team and a business possible.
Ideal Candidate
**Required technical background** * 5+ years of experience in Devops role * You have deep familiarity and substantial experience with deployment and operations on AWS, including automated infrastructure deployment tools such as CloudFormation or Terraform. * You know what a realistic systems monitoring dashboard contains and how to build one. * You are thoroughly comfortable in a reasonable set of programming languages for devops work, probably including shell and Python or Ruby. * You are experienced in applying the principles of secure systems development, and comfortable with the responsibility that comes with administrative rights on a system. * You are proficient with a configuration management system such as Chef or Puppet. **Preferred technical background** * You have worked with (or even better, built out) a container orchestration system such as Kubernetes, or something that fills a similar function. * You have experience running network infrastructure in AWS. * You have experience with a configuration management system with a reasonably large number (thousands) of managed nodes.


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