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Database Administrators are responsible for the assessment of database software purchases and manage the modification of any existing database software to meet the needs of their employer. Must have responsible for maintaining the integrity and presentation of company databases and guarantee that data is stored securely and optimally. DBAs notify end users of changes in databases and train them to utilize systems.
* Make sure that the database is up and running all the time. * Pre-implementation tasks such as feasibility study, capacity planning, installation and implementation activities. * Configuration and eventual design of the database models relative the requirements of the organization. * Migrating existing data from legacy platforms such as text files and spreadsheets. * Designing and implementing backup and restore strategies.
Ideal Candidate
Looking for candidate who is having advanced knowledge of database structure and theory. Basic knowledge of disaster recovery and database backup procedures. Familiarity with reporting tools. PostgreSQL certification preferred. Aptitude to work independently with minimal supervision and assistance.


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