Expertise your Talents in Acquiring Technical Knowledge

(Hamilton, New York)
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Technical authors analyze the complex product specification and technical documents. They have the ability to translate technical and useful information into simpler where everyone can understand. They should have best knowledge in technical where they need to communicate with the users in clear and accessible manner. They write from the presentations, documents, tutorials and translate into detailed product information. They even include graphical and user instructions to enhance the understanding of users. They understand the every aspect of each project.
* Should have the ability to understand the information quickly * Should have the great technical knowledge * Analyze functional and technical specifications * Research and design the high quality user friendly documentation * Ability to translate the complex product specification into simpler * Writing the material clearly and concisely
Ideal Candidate
* Excellent communication and presentation skill * Basic knowledge in word, photoshop, technical knowledge, programming language * Ability to understand the subject easily * Excellent English is essential


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