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The Edinburg Center

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The Center believes that all persons are valued, contributing members of the community and that their thoughts and preferences must be respected. The Center is committed to ensuring that individuals who use agency services are provided with the opportunity to make decisions and to take responsibility for the events in their lives. It is our belief that these opportunities serve as learning experiences that foster independence and personal growth. The Center is committed to complying with, protecting and advocating for all client civil and legal rights as specified by statute, regulation or case law. The Center values diversity and the uniqueness of all individuals. The agency defines diversity broadly as “differences which may be due to culture, ethnicity, religion, economic status, cognitive or physical ability, gender, age, sexual orientation or other characteristics”. The Center is committed to ensuring that it is sensitive and responsive to the needs of the individuals and communities we serve and to the staff who are employed by the agency. Consistent with the agency’s mission, Center services are provided within the context of the psychosocial rehabilitative approach or a positive behavioral approach. The overall goal of these approaches is to assist persons to be more successful and satisfied in the living, working and learning environments of their choice. The primary methods of achieving this goal are the development of skills and environmental resources that build on a person’s existing strengths. To this end, The Center is committed to ensuring that all individuals using agency services play an active part in choosing, planning and evaluating the services which address their unique needs and which are essential to their ability to live successfully in the community. Guardian and family involvement is valued and considered an essential component of the service plan.

Skills We're Looking For

Driver's License Computer Mental Health Services Registered Nurse (RN) CPR First Aid Client Care Evaluating Indicators of Mental Illness Psychosocial Assessments Treatment Planning Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Word Clinical Practice Identifying and Diagnosing Mental, Behavioral, or Emotional Disorders Recovery Therapy Administrative Hiring Staff Management MS Office Outlook Programming DDS