Casting Production Associate


(Lathrop, California)
Full Time Weekends
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About Tesla
Tesla is accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable transportation and electricity consumption by designing and manufacturing electric vehicles and energy storage systems. Based in California, Tesla employs more than 13,000 people across four continents, and manufactures cars at our factory in Fremont, California.
The successful candidate has a proven record of success in the application of production systems in any type of manufacturing environment. They will participate in the development and application of Tesla’s Production System for the casting of structural components of the Tesla Model S and Model X. Excellent attendance is crucial for team to achieve success. He/she must have the ability to work with various teams in assembly including engineering, quality, and suppliers across a wide variety of issues/ corrective actions identified in production and field performance. Strong interpersonal and communication skills are an absolute requirement to establish effective working relationships within Tesla and outside. The successful candidate for this position takes pride in his/her hands-on and analytical abilities, organization skills and attention to detail. He/she appreciates an environment where superior work is encouraged, noticed and rewarded.
* Demonstrated ability to perform standardized work process and defined work instructions. * Understands and ensures adherence to required procedures and processes. * Excellent written and verbal communication skills and people skills, comfortable presenting ideas and issues to peer groups and leaders. * Escalates functional and process failures to the appropriate support groups and leaders. * Capable to develop and follow non-verbal communication (visual management: signs, work place organization, and pictures). * Understands that there are always new opportunities for improvement and eliminate waste. * Ability to learn quickly and self-motivated. * Positive energy and attitude, happy * Poise when confronted with sudden setback or stressful situations. * Willingness to operate in a dynamic environment and team structure. * Working for extended periods of time * Lifting objects up to 50lbs * Use of tools that may produce vibration during use (grinding/deburring) * Use of complex tooling that requires specialized training * Wearing Personal Protective Equipment: safety glasses, vests, shoes, hard hats * Physical work including but not limited to pushing, pulling, gripping, twisting, reaching, etc. * Working in a manufacturing environment * Ability to follow a required specific sequence of steps in a process repetitively for an extended period of time * Ability to detect abnormalities in the process using visual, touch, or auditory senses * Ability to adjust to immediate process change due to process/shop improvement
Ideal Candidate
* The candidate should have hands-on experience and proven track record in production in any high quality cutting edge products. * MS Office programs (Word and Excel) experience * Production environment with team involvement * Use of assembly equipment and tooling (power tools, hand tools, and automated equipment) * Must stand for long periods of time on the production floor * Experience with manufacturing and industrial work environments * Must have a valid Driver’s License and Clean Driving Record * Prior forklift experience preferred * Possible weekend work and overtime required


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