Research Scientist for Artificial Intelligence in Automation


(Washington, District of Columbia)
Full Time
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About Siemens
Siemens is a global technology powerhouse that has stood for engineering excellence, innovation, quality, reliability and internationally for more than 165 years. As a global technology company, Siemens is rigorously leveraging the advantages that this setup provides.
CT is seeking a member of its Advanced Manufacturing Automation Research Group of the vertical Automation & Control Technology Field in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California. In this research group, we shape the innovation roadmap towards the advanced manufacturing of the future; in collaboration with leading academic institutions and government agencies. We are a team of automation-enthusiasts, innovators, engineers and scientists with deep technical expertise who are passionate about disruptive technologies in the areas of Design, Modeling, Simulation, Engineering, Control, and Optimization. Our deliverables enable the successful transformation of the technology trends in Automation & Control into the business of the future for a multitude of customer products and services. Join our research group Advanced Manufacturing Automation located in Berkeley, CA, and investigate the latest advances in artificial intelligence, open automation architectures, machine learning and optimization, in diverse application areas such as smart factories, intelligent infrastructure, and advanced robotics. You will be encouraged to think out-of-the-box, innovate and find solutions to real-life problems.
* Scouting and evaluating new automation & control technologies in collaboration with leading academic institutions and government agencies. * Evaluate technologies for Design, Simulation, Engineering, Runtime and Optimization. * Seek advocacy from appropriate Siemens business units on potential use cases. * Build and develop prototypes, together with our academic partners, to showcase new technologies and innovations. * Educate and transfer technologies to Siemens business units for product implementations. * Advice CT management and Siemens business units on disruptive technologies for Automation & Control related to Advanced Manufacturing. * Lead, and collaborate with others, both within and outside Siemens, to develop successful research proposals for external funding that align with Siemens strategic direction.
Ideal Candidate
* Masters required, Ph.D preferred, in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. * 7+ years of related professional experience. * Experience in applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to industrial problems. * Hands-on coding skills and ability to quickly prototype in C++. Further experience in scripting languages such as Python is a plus. * Knowledge of several Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning libraries and tools, such as Google’s TensorFlow, Caffe, CNTK, Deeplearning4j, H2O, Mahout, DMTK, MLlib, OpenNN. * Comprehensive understanding and experience in Automation, Robotics, Predictive Analytics, Simulation and Optimization. * Experience in government proposal writing * Excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills in English required. * Experience working with international and multi-cultural teams. * The ability to multitask and make lead contributions in several projects. * Ability and motivation to learn and use new technologies. **Preferred:** * Experience working with universities * Experience in standardization working groups, e.g. IEC, IEEE, ISA, OpenGroup, OPC-UA, FMI, etc. * Prior experience as a project lead, preferably as PI or PM. * Experience in designing embedded system architectures that include Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence components * Experience developing cloud software services * Familiarity with reinforcement learning methods. * Familiarity with trends and new directions in Software Architecture, including cloud and edge computing paradigms. * Experience in optimization (Integer/Linear/Quadratic/NonlinearProgramming/Multi-objective/Stochastic). * Understanding the business of Siemens to identify and apply use cases for new technologies in the area of Automation & Control, e.g. Industrial Automation, Train Automation, Oil & Gas, etc.


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