DevOps Engineer

(Seattle, Washington)
Full Time Fully Remote
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About provides a software platform that helps developers build, deploy and manage the code that runs on connected devices. In short, we make IoT work. Our technology is open, standards-based and proven in production across a wide range of scenarios from drones, 3D printers, point-of-sale devices, tidal turbines, skyscrapers and more. Our investors include DFJ, Aspect Ventures, GE, and Ericsson.
Summary is looking for a DevOps engineer to work with the core services. DevOps engineers at work closely with developers to facilitate moving code from development to production in a reliable, stable, and efficient manner. We're a growing company with opportunities to shape the future of our core system architecture and work to solve the good problems associated with scaling. As a company at the forefront of the emerging IoT sector, and one of the very few putting Docker on embedded devices, we move quickly and innovate aggressively to solve our problems in new and interesting ways.
* Deploying Docker images to production * Managing a Jenkins CI/CD pipeline * Developing tools to reduce dev -> prod friction * Investigating and evaluating new technologies * Collaborating with the team to design internal tooling
Ideal Candidate
* Take pride in your work and are passionate about good code. * Can’t imagine starting a new project without version control. * Are an excellent communicator, fluent in English. * Have a good internet line available so you can join a video call without trouble. * Are comfortable taking on a project and pushing it to completion without too much management. * Have a portfolio of code to show, on GitHub or otherwise.
Compensation and Working Conditions
Benefits Benefits included

Additional Notes on Compensation

Work with talented, diverse team. Equipment of your choice. Remote-friendly. Flexible working hours. Flexible vacation policy. Annual company gathering in an international location.


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