Social Media Marketer and Copywriter


(Los Angeles, California)
Full Time
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About Ranker
Ranker is a leading digital media company for opinion-based, crowdsourced rankings on just about everything. We put the power in the hands of our audience to answer debates on topics including pop culture, sports, politics, brands and lifestyle. Using Ranker's unique technology, those lists become definitive rankings based on the "wisdom of the crowd."
- Assisting the content and product teams in identifying and creating the most viral content. - Creating posts for Ranker social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) which will include post copy and creative (images). - Forming & maintaining content partnerships with other sites, influencers, and web communities. - Expanding and enhancing Ranker's social media/web presence; conduct social media “experiments” regularly to determine Best Practices for Ranker sharing. - Proposing ideas for social media growth and expansion. - Scheduling and creating Facebook ads. - Influencer outreach and relationship management. - Monitoring Social media campaigns and adjusting accordingly. - Managing and building out an Instagram page. - Data analysis and spot checking. Sitting down with some headphones on listening to the Zep or Coltrane or Biggie and losing yourself in some spreadsheets.
Ideal Candidate
- Diverse and detailed knowledge of Pop Culture, and it’s a big plus to have autodidactic knowledge and curiosity about things in general (and lists! you should love lists!). - Deep interest in Internet Culture (frequent user of Reddit, Fark, Twitter, Tumblr and/or other current zeitgeist destinations). - At least some understanding of what makes content viral-friendly, and what tactics make it “go viral.” - Comedic sensibilities are important; any experience in comedy a big plus. - Fast typing/generally strong computer skills are crucial. - Excel/spreadsheet experience important; the deeper the better. - Pop culture devourer. You don’t have to know who Nicki Minaj is dating you just have to know that she exists. (But it doesn’t hurt to know who she’s dating.) Did you stick around for season 2 of The Leftovers? Etc. - Renaissance (wo)man. Do you like military history and wine and jazz? Awesome! We need that. Do you like politics and pastries and Picasso? Sweet. We need that. Do you like “Under the Tuscan Sun,” Vegan Mac ‘n Cheese and Brutalist architecture? What’s wrong with you? Doesn’t matter, we need that. The more things you love the easier this job will be for you. - Viral intuition. Do you ever see something on Reddit and think, “Hmm. That looks like something else I’ve seen before.” Great impulse. We do that hourly. Recognizing patterns intuitively and knowing how to apply them is half the battle and spotting something trending and remembering that we have a piece of content that fits with it is huge. **Pluses:** - EXCELLENT writing, editing and communication skills. A writing background, specifically in short & sweet mediums, will lead to success. They say the written word is the mirror to the soul and your soul is walking around naked with the lights on. Whether it’s blogging, or script writing, or copy editing or journaling or whatever. If you love to write you’re going to kick some serious ass over here. - Trend spotting. The more capable you are at spotting trends before or as they’re happening the better. - An established social media presence and experience in promoting content online. - Contacts in the internet and new media industries. - Photoshop (or similar - do people still use Paint???) skills since viral potential is heavily influenced by visual strategy. - A basic understanding of web analytics and search engine optimization strategies. - Experience with Facebook’s ad platform.


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