Senior Front - End Engineer


(Saratoga Springs, New York)
Full Time
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About Railroad19
At Railroad19, we develop customized software solutions that make your processes smarter and your bottom line stronger. How? We work ahead of the curve. An accomplished team of national talent, including back-end, front-end and user interface developers and cloud platform engineers, we help move you ahead of the competition. Whether adding depth to a team or skills to a project, let Railroad19 turn your objectives into results.
Railroad19, Inc. is currently seeking a talented Sr. Front-end Engineer to join our world-class team of developers. This role will be responsible for contributing to the development and implementation of front-end solutions. In addition to contributing code and tangible deliverables, the role is expected to work as an adviser to help identify, educate, and foster best-in-class solutions both for the customer and fellow team members. The role requires the applicant to create and maintain strong relationships with stakeholders and team members. Creating these relationships requires strong communication skills and ability to mentor team members.
* Foster strong relationships with key stakeholders and provide expertise as well as customer service to meet a wide variety of requirements * Quickly provide insight and options to front-end challenges * Collaborate with Product Managers and business teams to create consumer-like, elegant, intuitive experience for enterprise users * Contribute both technically and in an advisory role to projects * Develop and manage extensible, stable code bases for a variety of applications * Provide front-end architecture and esthetic thought leadership * Stay current with the fast-changing landscape of browser based application development * Evaluate frameworks, technology, platforms, and tooling solutions * Support and troubleshoot issues (process & system), identify root cause, and proactively implement sustainable corrective actions
Ideal Candidate
**Skills & Experience Required** * Strong understanding of the DOM, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript * Significant experience with Angular (2.x) * 5+ years of experience with additional web libraries and frameworks. Preferred: Bootstrap, React, Underscore, Flux/Redux, Immutable.js * Experience with preprocessors and front-end tooling workflows: Node.js (NPM), SASS, WebPack, Angular-CLI, TSLint * Strong understanding of debugging for the browser * Experience testing JavaScript code — Jasmine and Protractor preferred, but not required * Experience with Responsive Web Design (RWD) patterns * Proven ability to create working prototypes (proof of concepts) at varying degrees of fidelity using HTML, CSS and JavaScript * Experience with unidirectional data flow patterns * Experience with RxJS or other Reactive programming techniques/libraries * Experience using ES2015 (ES6) and TypeScript 2.x * Full stack awareness, but this role is front-end based * Experience rendering and working with large data payloads * Experience with data integration; understanding/experience with RESTful API design * Working in an Agile environment * Strong team-building, vendor and customer relations skills * GIT and GitHub **Nice to Have, but not Required** * WebWorkers experience *ServiceWorkers experience * PWA experience * Web sockets experience * Ability to create non-functional wireframes rapidly in a tool of choice (Illustrator, Sketch, HTML, etc…)
Compensation and Working Conditions
Benefits Benefits included

Additional Notes on Compensation

Railroad19 provides competitive compensation and excellent benefits — Medical/Dental/Vision, vacation, and 401K.


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